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Pastry Plains Line Up
Silhouette Line Up
Sheriff Cher
Petit Pâtisserie
Deputy Duncan & Tootsweet
Chief Bearclaw
Mama Maple
Old Mother Fritter
Temperance Tart
Chip the Cookie Kid
Sticky Fingers

Pastry Plains

Welcome to Pastry Plains, the sweetest land you'll ever lay eyes on. Watch the Cotton Candy Clouds roll by the Frosted Mountains. The Swedish fish play in the Sarsaparilla Spring, and there is a plethora of tasty morsels to find in the Bubblegum Hills. Be careful you don't get stuck in the Molasses Marsh, and watch out for the wild gummy bears in the Candy Cane Forest - they pack a mean wallop!

What kind of folks would live in a delectable delight like Pastry Plains? Only the kind that can muster enough sugar to carry their own weight. Tread carefully though, as looks can be deceiving. Some aren't as sweet as they look. They can be downright sour! Don't let that put you off though. Why, there are folks here that are so sweet, they'd give you a cavity just looking at you. So come on down to Pastry Plains and see what kind of treats are in store for you today!

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